Former Refinery
Los Angeles, CA
Former Refinery – Los Angeles, CA
Former Refinery – Los Angeles, CA
REGULATORY AGENCY – Regional Water Quality Control Board- Los Angeles
CONTAMINANTS OF CONCERN – Petroleum Hydrocarbons
REMEDIAL STRATEGY – Bioventing, Air Sparging
SPECIAL CHALLENGES – Multiple Parties, Comingled Plume, Very High Concentrations of H2S & Methane
Former Refinery – Los Angeles, CA
Project Summary
Murex provided litigation and insurance recovery services to support the characterization of a 55-acre former refinery site where free-phase petroleum hydrocarbons releases were significant. Groundwater characterization involved more than 60 on- and off-site wells. The TPH plume was delineated to approximately one mile long and comingled with a third-party Superfund site plume. Approximately 250 on-site borings and wells were advanced, and high-resolution mapping tools were utilized to generate a 3-dimensional picture of the overall site impacts for design and planning.
A Remedial Action Plan (RAP) using Bioventing with air injection and Air Sparging was designed to bring TPH concentrations to RWQCB negotiated and approved cleanup goals. With the completion of the RAP, the project resulted in policy buy-back negotiations and significant funding for site cleanup. The Los Angeles RWQCB performed the oversight on this project.

One of the biggest challenges encountered during the characterization program is the high concentration of hydrogen sulfide and methane. On many instances the levels were recorded over the explosive levels. In addition, Murex had to accommodate the requirements of multiple parties during the project execution, including owners, leaseholders, developers, and third-party contributors.
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